Tarantino leaves his mark at the EYE Film Institute

Tip-Quentin-Tarantino-Unchained_focusHis penchant for mixing and matching genre and immersion of music has earned him the title "director DJ."

A film enthusiast from a young age, he got a job at a video rental store to pay the bills while he studied acting.

In the late 1980s, this native of Knoxville, Tennessee wrote and directed My Best Friend's Birthday, the screenplay of which would later become the basis for the film True Romance.

Ten years later he forayed into the world of independent filmmaking with Reservoir Dogs.

Filmmaker/historian Peter Bogdanovich once called him "the single most influential director of his generation."

Natural Born KillersPulp FictionJackie BrownKill Bill 1 & 2Inglourious BasterdsDjango.

Love him or hate him, director/screenwriter/producer/actor Quentin Tarantino's impressive mark on the art of filmmaking is undeniable and we have a lot to thank him for.

That's why, this month, the EYE Film Institute is dedicating the month of January to a full retrospective of all his films as well as some of his favorites: Quentin Tarantino Unchained.

Through January 30th, you can still catch viewings of Pulp FictionJackie BrownDjango, and the brand-new Django Unchained, which only just previewed in the Netherlands on January 17.

Though many of his films have become cult classics (heck, Tarantino himself could be considered a cult classic), non have enjoyed the success of Pulp Fiction, starring Uma Thurman, John Travolta, and Samuel L. Jackson.

Everyone seems to have a theory as to why this is, but we at Amsterdam City Tours know without a doubt what makes the movie so cool: Tarantino wrote the script in Amsterdam!

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